The 3 Best New Gadgets for Your PC and iPhone in 2022

 The LapGear Home Office Lap Desk That Lets You Work In Comfort 

The LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with Device Ledge, Mouse Pad, and Phone Holder is a stylish way to stay productive while working from home. The desk has a built-in device ledge that can hold a laptop, tablet, or other devices, as well as a mouse pad and phone holder. The soft, plush surface of the desk allows you to work comfortably on your lap, and the blush pink color is sure to add a view of your workspace 


If you work from home, you know how helpful it is to have a comfortable lap desk. I'm always on the lookout for a better way to work from home, and the LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with Device Ledge is a viable option. This lap desk has a ledge for your laptop, tablet, or phone, so you can keep your devices close at hand while you use them. It also has a built-in mouse pad, and a cushioned wrist rest, so you can stay comfortable while you type. The LapGear Home Office Lap Desk is a smart option for anyone who wants a more comfortable and efficient way to work from home.

now Let's see the sizes for your LAPGEAR

 The Ultimate Wireless Charger Solution: 3 in 1 RTOPS Magnetic Travel Wireless Charging Station 

If you're looking for the ultimate wirelessly charged solution, look no further than the 3-in-1 wireless charger from Mophie. This charger is designed to work with all major wireless charging standards, so you can power your devices without worrying about compatibility issues. It also comes with a built-in battery, so you can power your devices on the go. And if that wasn't enough, it also includes a built-in stand, so you can use it to prop up your phone while you're charging it.

Re-evolution of Wireless Charger This specially designed wireless charged pad combines the advantages of all other wireless chargers and has developed into an excellent work - 1. Can chat vertically 2. Watch drama horizontally 3. It even has a magnetic attraction function 4. At most charge 3 devices at the same time 5. Free charge adapter and cable 6. Apple-style minimalist design. A phone wireless charger from RTOPS meets all your needs and is worth taking home.

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The New Mount Stick That Lets You Stick Your Phone to ANYTHING!

Flipstik is the cutting-edge invention in the world of telephone mounts. It is a foldable adhesive cellphone mount that can be caught on any flat surface. The nice phase of Flipstik is that it can be without difficulty eliminated and re-positioned besides leaving any residue.

Flipstik is made of splendid silicone and comes with a robust adhesive that can keep your telephone securely in place. It is additionally well suited to all sorts of smartphones, making it the ideal telephone mount for any occasion.

Whether you’re searching for a mount for your car, desk, or any different flat surface, Flipstik is the ideal solution. It’s additionally incredible for taking team images or recording movies hands-free.

So, if you’re searching for a versatile and handy cellphone mount, Flipstik is the way to go! 

If you are continuously on your phone. Whether checking social media, texting or simply killing time, our telephones are usually with us. But there are instances when it is simply no longer handy to maintain your cellphone in your hand. That's the place the new Mount Stick comes in!

This straightforward machine lets you stick your smartphone anywhere. Whether you are in the car, at your desk, or in the kitchen, your telephone will be proper the place you want it. The Mount Stick is best for hands-free use, so you can preserve your smartphone shut without the aid of having to keep it.

The Mount Stick is convenient to use and comes in a range of hues to shape your style. It's additionally affordable, so you can get one for yourself and one for a friend. So subsequent time you are searching for a handy location to stick your phone, do not neglect the Mount Stick! 


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