Dress for Your Body Type: Overweight

 10 commandments. How to dress if you are overweight?

I am often approached by overweight girls, asking for advice on how to dress. It was in such cases that I decided to make this cheat sheet.

1. Choose comfortable and well-fitting underwear. Even if the dress is chosen perfectly, rollers from the bra straps or sides stretched with panties with thin straps will spoil everything!

2. The color black will not make you thumbnail. Black color is slim, only if it is combined with contrasting details - dark trousers and a light top, a deep-red dress and a light belt 5-7 centimeters wide. Therefore, along with black things in your wardrobe, there should be bright accents for such images.


3. You cannot hide everything. Something needs to be highlighted to distract attention from the shortcomings. Therefore, use large jewelry and remember that small graphic prints are able to hide them Volume, and large ones can add!

4. Put on a larger size immediately. Just because you've managed to squeeze into the elka doesn't mean you've lost weight, it means you're just soft enough to fill any shape of space. You may look good standing in tight pants, but when you sit down and stand up, all the excess will be accentuated by the folds. This is especially true for summer clothes made of thin and soft fabrics. ItA larger size is better.

1-Vanity Fair Women's 2-Felina Paramour Marvelous 3-AISILIN Women's

5. Find a good atelier. Large shapes are always non-standard. The larger you are, the harder it will be for you to find clothes that fit well on you. Get yourself a competent tailor to adjust things to your figure—–that's when you will really start to look stylish.

6. Never buy things "for weight loss". You dress here and now, until you reach the required 10 kg, the season will change and in June you will no longer wear this coat. Also, weight changes unpredictably: someone loses weight first on top, someone has legs, and someone cannot handle the stomach. It is not a fact that even when you lose 15 kg, this thing will sit nicely.

Do not lick your hair. Volumetric styling makes the silhouette more proportional. If you are used to a short haircut, then add a bright accent or color the hair so that the hair looks visually more voluminous. On the other hand, you should not overdo it with makeup: accentuate your eyes, contour, but bright blush and lipstick on a full face won't look right, like threading eyebrows.

8. Choose longer. Cropped and fitted is not your style. A 3/4 sleeve can appear rabbitfish, but a 2/3 sleeve emphasizes full hands. An elongated jacket will look better in combination with slim pants than a shortened one that opens the lower abdomen. Full-length or 7/8 pants also often look better than breeches.

1-Leaf Fat Sexy Lady Plus Swimsuit Fashion 2-CHICWISH Women's

9. BUT! Avoid wearing long skirts because they only add weight. You should wear a length that covers the kneecap slightly. A trapeze and a straight skirt will always look better on you than a pencil.

10. Choose comfortable shoes. Hairpins combined with excess weight can look comical if you are not from that rare breed of gracefully fluttering fat women. But even they are better off choosing platform shoes or thick heels.



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